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Training Notes

Track your Department's Training

Training Notes is designed to easily give you control of your department's training records.

Whether you are currently using a paper system or using a computer system that records data in a spreadsheet, Training Notes will revolutionize your training records.

No more time spent looking through your records for data to fill out a report. With Training Notes you only find the correct form or menu, select the report and print it. You will no longer have to get out the calculator to add up the number of hours of training for each person on the seven different categories looked at by ISO.

If you currently have an incomplete records system you can lose up to 20 points on your ISO evaluation. Using Training Notes you have a dedicated records management system that meets all the requirements of ISO.

How many different lists do you have to manage who has attended which training class throughout your department? With Training Notes you only have one place to look. And it can be installed on a network so members can enter data from different stations to keep the database current. Stop those phone calls to see if anyone still needs that class. Just look it up yourself and if need be, print that data out in an easy to read format.

The system is designed so that anyone can easily enter data and print the reports. This is a very user friendly system that you will be able to master in 10 minutes or less. You either enter data or view reports. Select the button for the needed subject, and select the member and print. That is all there is to it.

We help you track many different types of training.

  • Company training, sometimes called Daily Drills
  • Monthly Drills
  • Training Classes held throughout the year
  • Automatic Aid Drills
  • Annual evaluations for each member
  • NAPD Drivers training, if you use this system
  • EVAP Drivers training, if you use this system

We also track your annual mask fit test results. We allow you to determine which masks each person must be checked on, and then we track their progress.

We think we have the easiest and most cost effective system available today. Give us a call or send us an email