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Frequently asked Questions

Why do we need Training Notes?

There are a number of reasons that Training Notes should be in your department. First is the convenience of having one location to enter all of your training and be able to print all of your reports. If you are currently using paper forms or using a computer but only using an excel spreadsheet to document your training then Training Notes is for you.

What types of training can be entered?

There are seven different types of training programs that are included in the program.

First is the Company Training. This is the training done each day by the crews usually called daily drills.

The second type is the Training Class. This is the class that is given over a period of time and usually required for all members.

Third is the Monthly Drill. These are done in many departments so that the department has a hand in planning the daily training.

Fourth is the Automatic Aid drills that are done with your automatic aid partners that need to be properly documented.

Fifth is the Driver's training using the NAPD curriculum.

Sixth is the Driver's training using the EVAP curriculum.

Seventh is the Annual Individual Evaluation.

What else is included in Training Notes?

The one additional feature included in this program is the tracking of the individuals mask fit testing. The program allows the department to track up to 6 different types of masks. These six types are: SCBA, HEPA, PAPRS, BIOPAK, LINE MASK, and SCUBA. 

What if we do not use all of these mask types?

The department can turn off all of the masks except the SCBA and the HEPA. The setup program allows you to simply select the types of masks you utilize and then you select which masks each person must pass a fit test on. So the program fully customizes this for you and tracks you progress to complete this critical process.

Why are these ISO specific forms included?

There are a number of specific questions that are asked in the ISO guide and the program is designed so that anyone can easily print the required data with little or no training beyond being able to read. Items like: How much training did each driver get as part of their "Driver Training" ? You would simply go to the ISO Reports, select the member and click "Drivers Training" and you get a report giving a list of all the training, the number of Drill sessions, and the total number of hours of training. When you are using Training Notes you should have no trouble getting your credit for accurate training records.