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Frequently asked Questions

Why do we need Tank Fire Notes?

On that dark rainy night when the lightning strikes and causes you to have a tank fire is not the time for you to ask for a pencil to figure out what to do. With Tank Fire Notes all you need to do is to select from lists, the data on the tank fire and the program will tell you how much water and foam you will need for the nozzles you selected.

We Pre-Fire our tanks, so why do we need this program?

Pre-firing you facility is a great thing to do and we suggest that you do this for all your hazards. If you have the ability to have the appropriately sized appliances strategically around every hazard so that all you need to do is to turn it on then maybe you can do without Tank Fire Notes. But in the real world, we don’t have pre-plumbed monitors all around each hazard. They are portable and we have many different types and sizes. So when the fire starts you will still need to ask yourself, “Which nozzle is right for this fire based upon what I have with me?” Since we buy new nozzles, lose or break old ones it is imperative that we can figure out what to use from the ones we currently have. That is where we shine as we allow you to play “What ifs” to determine what is the best approach to extinguishing this fire and from that, do we have enough water and foam to completely extinguish it. And lastly, after the fire is out, Tank Fire Notes is there to help you figure out when and for how long to re-apply the foam.

Do I need to enter a lot of data into the computer?

Not during incidents. All you do is to select from the data you have previously entered. In fact we have eliminated any opportunity for you to enter data during an incident by providing drop down lists for each entry along with prompts to help you with the selection process.

Does Tank Fire Notes work on a touch-screen computer?

Yes, we are designed to work just as easily on a computer with a mouse or with the touch screen. It is solely up to the user what they prefer to use. If you are in a vehicle there is not a good space to use a mouse so the touch screen works well but if you are standing at a command center at the back of an SUV, the mouse seems to be the easiest to use. This is especially true if you have a wireless mouse as it gives you the ability to leave the computer farther away from you on the command center.

How much training does it take to run Tank Fire Notes?

Virtually none. No matter what method you use to determine how to extinguish this fire, you will need to know some items: Tank size, what is on fire, how full is the tank, what appliances do we have on hand, what foam will we use and its design percentage, and what application rate do we want to use.

In Tank Fire Notes all of these items are listed and you simply select from the pre-loaded lists. If for instance, you do not select the tank diameter, the program will not allow you to compute the needed application rate. So yes you need to be trained, but the program takes all of the computations out of it for you and lets you work on fighting the fire, not the math.

Does the program tell you what nozzles to use?

No, the program only allows you to see what your application rate is using the selected nozzles and it tells you if the Foam run for the selected nozzles meets your organization’s specifications. You can easily (in seconds) try many different combinations of nozzles to find the best approach for this particular fire.

What Application standards are used in the program?

The program allows you to enter your application standards. You can use the standards from the NFPA or enter those standards that you feel are appropriate.

The Application standards are set for tanks up to 149 feet, 150 to 199 feet, 200 to 249 feet, 250 to 299 feet, and 300 and over feet.

Does the program have an option for Meters and Liters?

Currently it does not, but we are working on this as an option that should be available sometime this summer.