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Resource Notes

Maintain your needed resources

As much as we try to be prepared for all types of emergencys, there is always the one in the middle of the night where we just did not have enough supplies to handle it without calling for help. This may be something large like a Backhoe or a Crane or it could be a need for additional expendable supplies like Nitrile gloves or foam. When this happens we can't just walk away and say we can't handle your emergency, we must locate that needed supply and complete the mission.

This is where "Resource Notes" is a valuable tool. We allow you to preplan all of these emergency resource needs and keep all this data in one easy to use program.

Your need may be for equipment, supplies or for personnel and we handle all of those resource needs.

Resource Notes can reside in your dispatch center or it can be loaded onto the laptop computers on your response vehicles. It allows you to locate the needed resource by the resource type or if you know the name then you can look it up.

One of the drawbacks to the conventional way of keeping paper lists is the ability to easily and quickly update the information. All of our data is documented with the last time it was updated. This allows you to see what needs to be checked and to easily make any needed changes.

The time to get purchasing authority is not in the middle of the night. It is beforehand and when you can negotiate a price.

We have taken all the guesswork out of this process allowing you to enter the necessary data and negotiate the contracts. The first time you can rely on a negotiated price for a resource and not have to pay an after hours fee, you will save enough money to pay for Resource Notes.

We allow you to save enough to pay for our service. Now you can't beat that!