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Frequently asked Questions

Why do we need to use Resource Notes?

There are three easy to understand reasons to use Resource Notes: First is to save money. Yes we allow you to negotiate the prices for service from all the available vendors from your office. This saves you money in the long run since they can virtually ask any amount of money from us when we call them at 2:00 AM to ask a price for service. The second is that it saves you time. Yes by having these negotiated agreements for service, you simply only need to call the vendor. You do not have to go through the “I am from this agency” and the “Can you provide this service” and finally the “Well how much will it cost and how can I pay for it?”. You do not have to deal with any of this, you simply call and say, “This is the XXX fire department and we are requesting so much of your service or product under PO number XXX”. And since you have an agreement you also have all those phone numbers to call in the middle of the night. So you save a lot of time and trouble. And finally you actually look to the public like you know what you are doing. When you need to tell the customer that we need a Widget at 3:00 AM and two minutes later you can tell them “Ok, I have that ordered and it will be here in 20 minutes” you do get the benefit of looking like you have it all handled.

We can ask for anything and our dispatchers will find it for us so why do we need to obtain Resource Notes?

Many departments rely on their dispatch centers for this service. And for the most part this is handled by them in a reasonable manner. But there are many drawbacks to allowing someone else to make these calls. The first is money. You are allowing a person with no idea what anything should or could cost spend your money. The second is control. Do you really want just anybody who will come out to be there? And remember that these people who staff the dispatch centers do not have extra staffing just sitting around to make these calls for you. At best they will just be in a hurry to find anything or anyone who will respond to your needs. So using Resource Notes will save time money are get the proper resource in the shortest amount of time.

Do you sell Resource Notes?

No this program is leased to you and you pay a one time fee to use it and a small yearly fee for upgrades and maintenance.

Can this be used on a network?

Yes, it was designed to be setup on either a stand-alone computer or on a network. In the network configuration the program is loaded on each computer and the database is stored on the server. This allows all users to always have the most recent updated information and since most servers are backed up each day the system’s data is safely stored.

If we use Resource Notes on the laptops in our vehicles, how do we upgrade them with the latest data?

The data is stored in the database. When you do your quarterly verification calls to all your vendors or contact you simply copy the database from that one computer onto the other computers. The database is an access 2.0 database and it is a relatively small file that can easily be transferred via a thumb drive or most any other storage device you currently use.

How do we order this product?

You can simply email us a purchase order or give us a call and we will help you set this up. You will get the program on a CD. Resource Notes is small enough that if you do not have a CD on the computer you are using you can copy it to almost any media needed to do the install.

We bill you along with the CD and you will be billed each year for the Service Fee.