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Frequently asked Questions

Why do we need PIO Notes?

There are a number of reasons that PIO Notes should be in your department. First is the convenience of having one location to enter all of your Information Releases. How organized are you currently with those Information Releases? Does your current system easily allow any member to publish a Release? Can you easily and quickly find a release for any previous incident or event? PIO Notes provides all of this and more.

What types of Information Releases can be entered?

There are three (3) different types of Information Releases: There are General Releases which are those related to items like Promotions, Station openings and other general public notices. Secondly there are Incident Releases which are those related to the fires or other emergency situations. And finally there are those normal events that occur in the community like Circuses, Fairs, or other community events.

Is the only report the actual Release?

No, there is also an internal report. The internal report covers all of the important information on the event or incident. Much of this information is not news-worthy but 6 months from now when you get asked about this incident this information will help you answer further questions. This also gives you a place for comments on how well we did during this event.

What do you do about photos of these events or incidents?

Along with the internal report you can attach as many photos as you like. They are kept in a directory for that event or incident which allows you to easily find each of them. If you use the program to view the event report you can click through the photos or you can also print each photo.

Can you search the database for only specific events?

The program allows you to search for reports on only certain types of incident or events. You can print a yearly report by incident or event type. You can easily get a yearly report of all events, or just those reports for ''County Fairs'', or ''Demonstrations'' or any other event types you have entered.

What type of events do you cover?

The program is written to allow you to enter the event types that occur in your area. In setting up the program you would simply review what has happened in your area previously over the last few years and from that decide what event types you enter in the program. So the program in customized to your area. We do not tell you what to enter, we only give you the tools to enter what happens in your area.

Why do we need event types?

The program is designed to allow you to setup a set of questions regarding each event or incident type. This allows you to print a 'Work Sheet' for each event type. With a Work Sheet, it makes sure that you can get a minimum of the same information collected for each event of that type. Every department has at some time to use different people as the PIO. By using the Work Sheet you know that each person will ask and gather at least the same basic information for later use.