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Incident Safety Officer Reporting software

- After-Action-Reporting was designed to provide:

- Create a systematic way for the on-scene ISO to report after an incident by establishing incident parameters beforehand.

- Provide a systematic way to judge each incident.

- Standardize the reporting of all incidents for further evaluation

- Increase scene safety through standardization

- Assist in providing standards to work towards during incidents

- Help to remove or eliminate any personal biases of the ISO

- Provide supervisors with an easy to read/use report for each incident

Reports are created in the same manner regardless of the size or complexity of the incident. Over 90% of the incidents are reviewed in an easy to read 3 page report. It has page one for statistics, page two for the Safety Officer's narrative and page three for the incident objectives.

Our forms approach is used to evaluate each incident type in a similar manner. The organization establishes the standards and trains on those standards so this creates uniformity in evaluation regardless of the experience of the safety officer or the size of the incident.

This creates a written record of all incidents regardless of how well the incident went. It is critical to note both the great job we do and to note those times when we could do better.

We have been around long before the Near-Miss reporting system and our system does just that. It documents what went well and what didn't so that we can learn from others and we do not have to make that same mistake ourselves.

- Vehicle Accident reports are a systematic means of documenting all vehicle accidents in such a manner that you can now easily see all accidents by Unit, Apparatus, Driver, Officer, Emergency equipment status, and type of vehicle operation during the accident.

-Personal Injury reports allow you to identify who, where, when, how and why the injury occurred. This allows the user to sort all injuries to better create an accident prevention program.

- Mask Fit-Testing documents all of the annual mask fit tests done by each individual for each of the required masks. The program allows you to mark who needs what type of mask test and allows for easy use to both document those tests and provide reports on completion.

- Annual Fire Station Safety Inspection program documents the findings of the inspection to help document that firefighters are working in a safe environment.