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Incident Command & Accoutability software

We all do our best in an effort to manage our fire incidents. But this is difficult to do without a good system to use. The currently used manual systems (Paper and Pen, Grease Pencil or the Magnet Board) do work to manage or attempt to manage incidents. But they have serious limitations when an incident does not end quickly or occurs in large or complicated buildings. They also do not provide any documentation of who did what, what happen, or when it occured.

There are many reasons to use a computer based incident management system.

They include:

  • Allowing for the use of incident and personnel timers
  • The creation of a permanent record of every unit movement
  • Prompts to remind you of incident priorities or tasks
  • The ability to locate any person on the fireground
  • The ability to automatically input Pre-Fire data
  • Times to alert you for Roll Call or PAR checks
  • Automation of tasks, you don't have to write anything
  • The ability to replay the incident to see what happened