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Accident Notes

Vehicle Accident Reporting software

Accident Notes is an add-on to ISO-Notes to extend the safety officer's role as it relates to documenting all vehicle accidents.

With this software package you can see the accident trends. This gives you an opportunity to determine the cause of these accidents and hopefully reduce or eliminate future accidents.

Do you know why your department has had vehicle accidents? Do you track what the vehicle was doing when it occurred? Can you easily determine if firefighter Smith has had any previous accidents and were they his fault? We have taken all of these items and put them into an easy to use system to document your accidents and give you an easy to use search feature that allows you to find any of the data on and individual, a fire company, an apparatus or to see where most of your accidents are occurring.

We have tried to take the guess work out of the administrative part of handling vehicle accidents. Your department still must decide what to do about firefighter Smith's accident but now you know all of his prior driving accidents, the accident history of the apparatus and the fire company so you can make better administrative decisions.

Give us an opportunity to be your accident documentation specialists.